Music and Mood

Yet another participant of Feeling Bookerish came up with a write-up on music. Adhiraj, a perceptive and inquisitive seventh-grader, is himself a passionate musician and hence he explores the intense relation between a listener’s moods and choice of music.

“Do people listen to music according to their mood?


Almost everyone listens to music. But did you know that the music you hear is largely determined by how you are feeling at that particular moment – in other words, your choice of music is usually a reflection of you mood. For instances people tend to prefer slow songs when feeling sad; on the other hand, when happy they are likely to choose upbeat songs that may even move them to get up on the table and jive.


Interestingly music is not just influenced by the listener’s mood but in turn has the power to move people to a particular frame of mind. So if a person who is feeling quite alright to begin with, starts listening to sad songs, it is quite possible, he/she may get pensive too. Likewise a reasonably happy listener after listening to a few intense rap numbers may start feeling restlessness and angry.

All this goes to prove music is a powerful force with strong connections to mood, feelings and emotions of the listener.